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This Strain is capturing the true reptilian essence. Some showcase deeply serrated and mostly normal-looking leaves. Yet, many Phenotypes will show the true Crocodile reptile expression. Regardless, this strain is also notable for its potency and offers XL yields. It's designed to reassure those concerned about mutant plants' potency, combining strong effects, yield, and flavour. It is a Poly Leaf-Type Hybrid, which means it contains a range of Leaf Types.

Aroma & Flavour:
This strain presents a complex aroma profile. Initially, it exhibits a strong Skunk scent, enriched with volatile Thiols for a fresh and potent experience. Over time, especially after a longer cure, the Skunk notes give way to a blend of overripe fruit and artificial mint chewing gum. Some phenotypes may also introduce scents reminiscent of strong chemical cleaners, adding a fresh but intense dimension.

Depending on the cure period, effects vary:

  • Short Cure: Offers a narcotic, sedative impact right after drying, enveloping users in a comforting, worry-free state.
  • Long Cure: After 6+ weeks, the effects become more balanced, providing a burst of creativity and energy while maintaining relaxation and well-being.

Plant & Growth:
Mentha de Croco© Croco maintains a classic Christmas tree shape showing mutated leaves straight from the beginning or later while flowering, depending on the Phenotype. It's a hardy plant, adaptable to indoor and outdoor settings, with some care needed to support its heavy yields due to dense buds. The Croco Phenotypes will be a bit lighter yielding, yet not less stunning.

There will be a range of Morphologies in the Gene Pool, hereby a list by the most common:

1) Deeply Serrated & Butterfly: This Phenotype looks mostly classical, with deep serrations, at times extra fingers are present. Some Phenos have leaves that morph into Butterfly like forms, similar to ABC's

2) Fern Type: Well know from Freakshow, the Ferntype is fairly common.

3) Croco: Inherited from the Original Croco male, this Phenotypes represents an entirely new Mutation, with fingered as well as webbed leaves, abstract reptile skin type of Leaf surfaces and fern elements. Truly outstanding. Photos are in the Strains description.

4) Croco Ducks: A less extrem form of the Croco but not any less Beautiful, Deeply or Double serrated Ducks Phenotypes.

5) Classical Cannabis Leaf: The Phenotypes will look 100% Classical, but don't be disappointed they bring banger flower Structure and Super dank aromas. Photo is attached.

6) Other Mutations: Due to the huge range of leaf types in the Genes of Mentha de Croco "Croco" very rarely a smooth duck, or even something entirely might pop up!

Grow Difficulty:
Outdoor: 2 (Easy) | Indoor: 2 (Easy) 

Mentha de Croco© Croco is the result of crossing our Mentha de Croco F1 (Butterfly) with the Mentha de Croco F2 (Croco male). The Butterfly Phenotype most closely resembled our Original Croco Strain, with which the Mentha de Croco legacy started. The Males selected in the F2 had the same morphology as the Original Croco, yet with far more vigour.

The original Mentha de Croco F1 is a cross of Mentholskunk V2 "Fern-type" and Croco, blending the distinctive aroma and flavor profiles of Berryfreak crosses with the versatile genetics of Croco, a polyhybrid mutant known for its complexity and potency.

Leaf type:

Poly Leaf Hybrid: Deeply serrated, Croco, Croco Ducks, Fern, Classic Cannabis

Plant Size:


Aroma & Flavour:

Strong overripe fruit odors with Skunk, Chem,  complemented by fresh mint and artificial chewing gum hints. 


~20-24% / ~1-2%


Potent high, Pain-killing, sedative, Uplifting


9 weeks

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Mentha de Croco "Croco" BX 

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