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Our exclusive Mutant Genetics primarily outdoor bred and Novelty Genetics for breeding, collection purposes, the lines have higher genetic variability than compared to some commercial lines. Thus, there is a very small chance that you receive a pack with a too-large percentage of plants with undesirable traits. Our pack sizes have been chosen to ensure, that a large enough number of plants are of good quality. For the rare occasions that too many weak plants are in the batch, rest assured we will have you fully covered. Also, if you feel that the seed quality was too low or any other complaint you might have with our items.

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TerpyZ X Kalyseeds - Mutant Genetics

Kalyseeds is a legend. A wizard. A mystical creature😁

Kalyseeds is our main breeder and genius behind many of our genetics. He has collected Mutants from all around the world and created some of the craziest Cannabis plants since the beginning of 1990. His 3-decade stretching breeding and collection efforts have led to the extensive library of mutant, landrace and hybrid genetics we are working with today.

His passion, vision and love for the sacred plant are now opened to the world through our collaboration.

Who is TerpyZ?

We are a team that loves Cannabis. Our passion for the plant and previous experience in the Hemp and Cannabis industry has led to the collaboration with Kalyseeds. Starting off as a friendship, we soon realized that combining forces can have a positive impact on the Cannabis community. 

Together with Kalyseeds, we have the plan to share our incredible Cannabis Genetics with the Cannabis Community.

Technically the term mutant cannabis is slightly misleading. A mutation once stabilized is considered a new variety/cultivar, thus in technical terms speaking our mutant varieties are Cannabis Genetics with different Leaf morphologies, Flower morphologies and/or rare Terpene expressions.

Yet, to keep it easy and make a good distinction for non-botanist we stick with the term mutant Cannabis.

Yes and no. It really depends on the variety. Same as with regular Cannabis. Some of our lines are rich in CBD others are THC dominant. Many of our lines are THC-rich and crossed with potent regular Cannabis lines or landraces.

The primary objective with many lines has been their "novelty" factor regarding their leaf morphology. Thus, Cannabinoid contents can vary greatly within 1 line. Phenotype selection is key in order to obtain the most potent plants. Yet, some lines like Opalo SWAG, feature predominantly high THC plants, with THC values around 20%. Also, how the plants are grown is a huge factor in order to obtain high potency.

Also, it depends on your tolerance. If you consume concentrates daily, then of course most flowers won´t be potent to you. If you are used to daily flower consumption then you will definitely find potent plants in our line-up. For a weekend or occasional Cannabis consumer, there will be super strong, balanced and mild varieties. It truly depends on what you are looking for.

1. ABC "Australian Bastard Cannabis" has by far the least resemblance of regular Cannabis. Even whilst flowering it hardly looks like Cannabis. Many of our ABC Hybrid varieties and ABC selections are fairly potent and resilient growing plants.

2. Apricot Delia / AD17 lines with single leaflet, non-serrated leaves hardly look like Cannabis. Especially in their vegetative stage itś close to impossible to recognize them. Once they start flowering, there is a chance that experienced Cannabis growers will recognize them visually or the smell.

3. Giant Pur Pur, GPP and other serrated Single Leaflet lines. These look a lot like stinging nettles or other common herbs during the vegetative stage. Yet, when the flowering begins this effect slightly wears off, but still, they are much more stealth than the well-known Duckfoot (webbed) varieties.

4. Fernlike Cannabis like Freakshows, Supafreak and Berryfreak. These amazing Cannabis cultivars truly do not look like regular Cannabis. Yet once they start flowering their smell definitely will tell what they are. Nonetheless, for not experienced Cannabis enthusiasts it might be hard to recognise these plants as what they are.

5. SWAG, our famous webbed non-serrated lines look very different from regular Cannabis. Even experienced growers struggle to identify them as Cannabis.

6. Duckfoot, Cannabis varieties with fused leaflets are probably the most common stealth cultivars. During their vegetative stage, it definitely applies, once flowering begins this effect slightly wears off.

The price of seeds is based on the production costs and availability of the seeds. Some lines simply do not produce as many seeds. For example, variegated plants yield fewer seeds than 100% green plants. Yet, the costs and care that goes into the plant are the same.

Some of our varieties yield a significantly higher number of seeds, thus we also offer them at a cheaper price.

So are more expensive seeds better? If better for you means, that only small amounts of seeds exist, with unique and rare traits, then yes they are definitely better. Yet, if you look simply for interesting mutant cultivars with great productivity and without fancy features like variegations or extremely exclusive lines, then you are good to go with our budget-friendly lines.

1. ABC "Australian Bastard Cannabis.

Leaves resembling Parsley, very hardy and drought tolerant. Originating from Australia, most likely a landrace/feral Cannabis Population. We offer many pure lines, as well as Hybrids with increased potency. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.


These are non-serrated (no teeth on the leaf edges) webbed leafed varieties. Usually accompanied by outstanding terpene profiles and great hardiness outdoors for all kinds of climates. The SWAG lineage is based upon 30 years of breeding efforts.

3. Apricot Delia / AD17, SWAGś pretty cousin.

This is a non-serrated (smooth leaf edges) Single leaflet, rarely fingered Cannabis variety. It is related to the SWAG family, yet distinct in its own right. Similar to the SWAG highly adapted to all climates in outdoor conditions.

Our AD "Apricot Delia" has been crossed with the Ed Rosenthal SWAG, resulting in our ADED (AD X Ed SWAG) line. Similar to the SWAG Ed or Ed SWAG. You will see many lines rose from these crosses.

As you see these lines in many of our crosses you also will be able to find similar Phenotypes in these. At times some lines are only one Phenotype apart. Yet distinct enough for breeders/ for us to not market them under the same varietal name.

4. Single Leaflet Strains.

Same as the Apricot Delia Line these mutant lines only produce one-fingered leaves, just with serrations. Serrations refer to the "teeth" along the leaf edges. Giant Pur Pur, GPP Hibiscus Kush and several others are some of our most prolific single leaflet Cannabis varieties. They originate from a landrace Cannabis population found near the Russian Chinese border region Amur.

The majority of varieties within this family do well both indoors and outdoors. Generally also very vigorous and high yielding.

5. Fernlike Cannabis (Palmately compound leaf with pinnate pinnatifid leaflets)
Freakshow, Berryfreak are the most famous varieties of this amazing and new Cannabis variety family. We are personally huge fans of this "mutation" and have bred with it personally with great results. We also offer some of these lines in our Seedbank, as well as some Hybrid lines with our mutants.

The leaves look a lot like ferns and these plants generally produce well and have a good potency paired with great flavour. They also tend to perform best outdoors, but many individuals got great results in their tents.

6. Duckfoot, webbed leaves.

Probably the best-known Cannabis Leaf mutation on the market. We offer many Duckfoot lines. They generally perform just like regular Cannabis just with a slightly higher stealth factor. Most of our Duckfoot varieties do well both inside and outside.

7. Variegated & Crinkled Cannabis.

These two traits seem to be linked with each other. As they usually both appear in the same populations.

Crinkled Cannabis, distorts the surface of the Leaf, creating a reptile skin-like look. While looking funky or strange it does not affect the growth of the plant, as photosynthesis seems not to be impacted. Our Ugly Duck line has been bred for this trait and shows unusually strong terpene expression early on in the growth.

Variegated Cannabis on the other hand has clear benefits and downsides. The benefits are disputable and mostly subjective. Primarily we think they are extremely pretty, and we love pretty plants. Some also might say that adding colours to the plants adds some stealth factor.

There also have been some companies in the US that have found their albino plants to have higher Cannabinoid content. Moreover, albino flowers require a less stringent curing process, as curing intends mostly to get rid of the grassy taste caused by Chlorophyll.