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Description: Zen-X SWAG is your golden ticket to the ultimate chill zone and headspace clarity. This powerhouse wraps you in a deep, therapeutic calm, sprinkled with just enough sativa spark to keep you from tipping over. It shines outdoors, flexing with large plants and top-tier buds, all while being tough on heat and drought—ideal for those just getting their hands dirty outside. Inside, a little know-how goes a long way.

Aroma & Flavour: Step into the world of Zen-X SWAG and be greeted by a fusion of bold fruity liquor and savory oak, with a zesty lime twist. For those after something special, look out for the Tannin Trail SWAG phenos, mixing up zesty, woodsy notes with a dash of chem for an utterly captivating aroma.

Effects: Zen-X SWAG brings the SWAG line's trademark deep relaxation, seamlessly clearing your mind and setting you adrift in a blissful, clutter-free haze. As the initial intensity fades, it sharpens your focus, making it perfect for unwinding in the evening or catching some Zs. The Tannin Trail influence adds an energizing undercurrent, ideal for a bit of soul-searching.

Plant & Growth: Slightly leaning towards Indica, Zen-X SWAG showcases robust structures with snug internodes and medium-dense buds that glitter. Its sativa roots peek through in week 10 with a light flower structure and fun foxtails. Aim for an 8-week flower for the perfect bud density or extend to 10 weeks for a sativa-style yield boost. Plus, those iconic Maple Style leaves make it a standout, with moderate feeding needs.

Grow Difficulty: Outdoor: 1 (Very Easy) | Indoor: 3 (Medium)

Lineage: Gargoyle SWAG brings a compact yet high-yielding vibe, rich in earthy, savory, and fruity liqueur aromas, finished with a hint of whiskey and cinnamon. Tannin Trail SWAG (LH 19 SWAG F3), a fast-finisher with stellar buds, makes it a preferred pick for that perfect mid-to-late October harvest, known for its robust aroma and solid structure.

Leaf type:

Maple Type | Smooth Webbed leaves

Plant Size:

L - XL | Up to 180cm

Aroma & Flavour:

Fruit Liquor, Sweet, Oak Woody with Citrus hints


~16-21% / ~2%


Sedative, Couch-lock, Mental relaxation


8-9 Weeks | end-October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Gargoyle SWAG x Tannin Trail F3 (Lemon Haze 19 F3 SWAG)

*Disclaimer:Collection item only .18+, sales to minors prohibited. This product is for souvenir and collection purposes only. TerpyZ Genetics does not accept any responsibility for any illegal use by third parties. By purchasing this product, you accept the responsibility to check and always follow your local laws.

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