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Quackberry Rose is an awesome strain for indoor and outdoor growing, known for its vigorous growth and a unique mix of berry and rose aromas. It consistently delivers top-notch quality in ducksfoot from, appealing to both experienced users and newcomers.

Aroma & Flavour:
Expect a vibrant mix of berry and rose aromas, with a hint of pine and mint to keep things fresh. It's a classic vibe with a modern twist.

This strain offers a euphoric and relaxing high that's likely to bring on the laughs. It's sociable, great for lifting spirits and spreading joy.

Plant & Growth:
Quackberry Rose is notable for its Ducksfoot (webbed) leaves, medium build, and easy growth, especially indoors. Look out for plants with pinkish magenta pistils, a beautiful touch from its Duckweb IBL genetics.

Grow Difficulty:
Indoors: 2 (Easy) | Outdoors: 2 (Easy)

Quackberry (Duckweb IBl x Fast Donald F1). Quackberry is the a backcross towards Duckweb IBL from Olympic Seeds pure Indica originating in Afghanistan. It is an inbred webbed landrace with beautiful magenta/pink pistils, good potency and outstanding stability. The Phenotype we have selected has an extremely Uplifting and Happy, Social high associated with Sativa. Fast Donald F1 (White Widow Autoduck x Duckweb IBL)

Leaf type:

Webbed Leaves (Ducksfoot)

Plant Size:

M -XL | Up to 180cm

Aroma & Flavour:

Berries, Rose/Floral and hints of Pine Forest and Mint


~16-19% / ~1%


Head-Buzz, Relaxed, Stoned, Giggly, Happy


8-9 Weeks | mid to end October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Quackberry x Quackberry

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