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Pine Tar Kush X Mentha de Croco "Fern-Type"

Pine Tar Kush IBL is a legendary Californian Strain. We have sourced it through Csi Humboldt, who in turn received it from Tom Hill and the origins are Pakistani imports to California in the 1980's. Pine Tar Kush has an outstandingly strong Kush aroma paired with Tar and Pine. The structure is compact. Buds put on considerate weight and density in week 7-8 when also the trichomes and aroma start to fully express. The aroma is truly intoxicating and will make most consumers turn their heads upon lighting up the flower.

Mentha de Croco "Fern-type" (click here for full description)

Mentha de Croco "Fern-type" is a potent strain known for high yields and a remarkable flavor profile. Its fern-like appearance yields abundant, frost-covered buds with a transition from a strong Skunk aroma to a delightful Fruit Mint Cocktail scent.

Freshly harvested, it induces deeply sedating effects, akin to a comforting blanket for body and mind. With longer curing, it balances creative bursts of energy and relaxation, offering a profound sense of well-being.

The plant's sturdy structure resembles a Christmas tree, adorned with snowflake-like leaves. Despite its striking appearance, flavor remains its standout feature.

Derived from Mentholskunk V2 "Fern-type" by Cannabis Potency Research Co and TerpyZ Croco, its lineage guarantees potency and uniqueness.

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