Pablo Picasso (Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)

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Leaf type:

Duckfoot, ~40% Variegated, crested, albino

Plant Size:

M – XL | Up to 200cm

Aroma & Flavour:

Old school Haze, Lemon, Lime and chemical Jack 


~17-22% / ~2-5%


Sativa, Calming, Upbeat, Oldschool Vibes


9-10 Weeks | end-October mid-November

Estimated Yield:

M – XL


Outdoor | Indoor


Mostly Sativa


Indian Summer Chimäre F10 ((Purple Star X Blueberry F1) x (Purple Passion 98 x Mex. Sativa) x Purple Haze) X Variegated Sativa male)


Pablo Picasso is a true Masterpiece. A variegated Duckfoot cultivar. It is a Sativa dominant Hybrid,  which has been continuously line-bred from our Indian Summer, for high potency. A secret sativa male has introduced the variegation into the line. Pablo Picasso has a high ornamental factor with its beautiful abstract patterns on the leaves. with a true old-school aroma. About 40% of the plants showed variegated leaves in our test run. Please keep in mind, Albino seedlings look healthy at first but lack Chlorophyll. thus will die about 1 week after germination. If you want to keep it alive, please graft it on an established green plant. 

In autumn, beautiful Purple Colours are turning most Pablo Picasso plants into a firework of colours. Male Pablo Picasso plants frequently produce flowers, that are Trichome covered like the male displayed in the Photos. Pablo Picasso mostly features old school Haze terpenes and a well-balanced sativa leaning High. 

Morphology & Growth:

Pablo Picasso develops large wine or maple-shaped leaves. The variegated plants produce a range of colours from white to many shades of green. The growth rate/ vigour of the individual plants depends on the degree of variegation and white plant tissue. More white and variegated plants = reduced growth. Yet, our testing has shown higher percentages of Cannabinoids in albino flowers.  Expect 1-2m outdoor-grown plants. The plant structure correlates with Sativa dominant hybrids.

Aroma & Flavour:

Old School Haze, Pungent, Lime and chemical Jack


*Important Notice: Many TerpyZ x Kalyseeds Cultivars have been bred exclusively outdoors. Thus, indoor cultivation carries some intersex risk. In case you encounter any issues, rest assured: We will gladly replace your pack.

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