Mentha de Croco "Fern-Type"

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Leaf type:

Fern Type 

Plant Size:


Aroma & Flavour:

Skunk with hints of Fruity Mint Cocktail


~20-24% / ~1-2%


Body High, Uplifting, Unearthly Potent


9 Weeks

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Mentha de Croco V2 x Mentha de Croco V2 


Mentha de Croco "Fern-type" has been mostly stabilised for the Fern-type leaf morphology. This strain is for anyone who is worried about mutant plants not being potent, as this plant will proof otherwise. On top of that you can expect XXL-yields of this plant. We combined overwhelming potency, strong yield and tremendous flavour in this beautiful fern-type mutant.

Our testers found Mentha de Croco to be particular potent. If consumed rather fresh after harvesting the effects are extremely potent, mostly narcotic. This is within the first 2-5 weeks after cutting, immediately after drying it. In this period the Skunk aroma profile is prevalent. Once the Skunk aromas dissipate, strong Fruit Mint Cocktail aromas take over. The effect becomes more balanced and not as narcotic, yet equally potent. It is an excellent strain for longterm storage as this aroma profile does not further change much even with long curing periods.

Aroma & Flavour:

Mentha de Croco Fern-type: A Strong Skunk aroma profile accompanied by a Fruity Mint Cocktail. The fruity elements deliver hints of alcoholic whiffs thus resembling fruit cocktails. The Skunk aroma usually dissipates 4-6 weeks after harvesting and leaves a the fruit cocktail element.


Long Cure: If cured for periods of 6+ weeks the effects is more balanced. Racing burst of creative thoughts and the energy and motivation to keep going whatever activity you are indulging in. All of it whilst being relaxed to your core and with a deep sensation of well-being.

Short Cure:  If consumed straight after cutting and a 1-2 week period of drying the effects are strongly sedating for body and mind. Essentially throwing a warm blanket over head and body. No worries about anything.

Plant Morphology:

Expect a sturdy heavy-yielding frost mutant monster. The plant has the typical Christmas tree shape, the leaves resemble snow-flakes and the buds are covered in frost. We might have as well given it a Christmas-themed name, yet regardless of the spectacular looks the Flavour is still the biggest selling point on this beauty. Make sure to feed them well, as they are hungry and support for the heavy buds might be required towards the end of the life cycle.

Parental Lines:

Mentholskunk V2 "Fern-type" X Croco

Mentholskunk V2 by Cannabis Research Company: Lineage: This unique strain is a cross between Berryfreak 7s Big Menthol and Berryfreak f2 Var2, resulting in a distinctive aroma and flavor profile.

"Croco" by TerpyZ: Is a unique polyhybrid mutant male.

(GPP var. X Freakshow) x (Freakshow x Subterfuge) x (ABC Site 4 x Duckweb IBL)

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