Mentha de Croco "Deeply serrated"

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Leaf type:

Deeply serrated

Plant Size:


Aroma & Flavour:

Strong overripe fruit odors with Skunk, Chem,  complemented by fresh mint and artificial chewing gum hints. 


~20-24% / ~1-2%


Potent high, Pain-killing, sedative, Uplifting


9 weeks

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Mentha de Croco V1 x Mentha de Croco V1


Mentha de Croco V1 is a cross of the prolific Mentholskunk by Highgrade Mutants and our Croco male, which is a Polyhybrid mutant. V1 stands for Deeply serrated and mostly normal looking leaves. Once flowering is initiated some Phentypes will display mutated leaves. 

If you are looking to preserve the Skunk Aromas for consumption we recommend a fast/short cure. As the typical Skunk aroma profile appears to be made of Thiols, which are highly volatile plant compounds, we strongly recommend to use the flower as soon as possible after drying. If the cured for a longer period, the skunk dissipates and the overripe fruit with artificial mint chewing gum aroma will prevail. 

Aroma & Flavour:

Most Phenotype will have a pronounced Skunk aroma profile, beautifully complimented by overripe pungent fruit elements and hints of artificial mint chewing gum. The more rare Phenotype essentially smells similar, yet the Skunk and Fruit profile is being dominated by aromas which remind of strong chemical cleaners, not in a nasty sense, that burns your nose away, rather when you enter a freshly cleaned office.


Mentha de Croco V1 hits you hard. It deliver potent effects which can be felt like a straight up brain massage. It delivers sedative, yet uplifting effects. We found this strain great for Pain management as well as situations you want to unwind, but don't want to be fully knocked out.

Plant Morphology:

Typical Christmas tree plant structure as many Cannabis plants. One fat main cola with plenty of stacked side branches. Leave are normally fingered with some Phenotypes expressing deeper serrations and towards flower a few plants with show its mutant ancestry. More rarely Fern-type plants can be found.

Parental Lines:

Mentholskunk V2 "Fern-type" X Croco

Mentholskunk V1 by Cannabis Research Company: Lineage: This unique strain is a cross between Berryfreak 7s Big Menthol and Berryfreak f2 Var2, resulting in a distinctive aroma and flavor profile.

"Croco" by TerpyZ: Is a unique polyhybrid mutant male.

(GPP var. X Freakshow) x (Freakshow x Subterfuge) x (Freakshow x Duckweb IBL)


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