Lilltberry F2 (12 Regular Seeds)

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Lilltberry F2 (12 Regular Seeds)

First European release. Only few packs :)

Lineage: Lillt (Passion Flower x Jungle Kush) x Berryfreak var 1

Lilltberry F2 is the 2nd generation cross of Berryfreak var 1 and Lillt.

Expect Tropical Pineapple and Berry Cany terpene profiles.

Background of Lillt:

Lillt is a strain bred by Trichome Jungle Seeds 

Aroma: Tropical pineapple mixed with passion fruit and fresh berries.

Taste: Bold pineapple sweetness with an exotic cocktail of fruits.

Effect: An immediate strong high that is great for enhancing creativity, but not to be underestimated as a few extra smokes will put you to sleep.

TerpyZ Seedbank is an authorized seller of: Cannabis Research Company Seeds

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