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Melon Cheddar X Mentha de Croco "Fern-Type"

Our Melon Cheddar selection from Karma Genetics carries the typical signature aroma profile Karma Genetics strains are loved and famous for. Melon Cheddar completes maturation in about 9 weeks, with a medium/high yield. In typical Karma fashion the buds are super frosty of a good structure and come with gassy taste. Melon Cheddar comes from direct Skunk Cheese line, thus the musky cheese aroma blend with strong gas elements.

Melon Cheddar is a safe bet for a joyful high, superior flower quality and solid yields. 

Mentha de Croco "Fern-type" (click here for full description)

Mentha de Croco "Fern-type" is a potent strain known for high yields and a remarkable flavor profile. Its fern-like appearance yields abundant, frost-covered buds with a transition from a strong Skunk aroma to a delightful Fruit Mint Cocktail scent.

Freshly harvested, it induces deeply sedating effects, akin to a comforting blanket for body and mind. With longer curing, it balances creative bursts of energy and relaxation, offering a profound sense of well-being.

The plant's sturdy structure resembles a Christmas tree, adorned with snowflake-like leaves. Despite its striking appearance, flavor remains its standout feature.

Derived from Mentholskunk V2 "Fern-type" by Cannabis Potency Research Co and TerpyZ Croco, its lineage guarantees potency and uniqueness.

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