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Description: ZketchGrape© rocks the Maple Type Leaves scene as a stealthy strain with a manageable growth game. It's a pro at canopy management, dishing out some seriously dank vibes. Those sandy trichome heads? Pure gold for dry sift fans. And while it might blend into the scenery, its scent sure doesn't play hide and seek.

Aroma & Flavour: Get ready for an aromatic rollercoaster with ZketchGrape©, featuring a bold acetonic turpentine core softened by sweet fruity layers. Dig grape marker vibes? Got 'em. More into a roasted umami with a side of methane? It's here. The main event: a scent so potent, it's practically a slap to the senses.

Effects: ZketchGrape© is all about that Indica calm with a Sativa sparkle, delivering a headspace trip filled with euphoria, laughter, and a feel-good vibe that doesn't quit. It's the kind of journey that starts with a smile and ends with you firmly planted in your happy place.

Plant & Growth: This specimen flaunts smooth-edged webbed leaves, thriving in the heat and not too thirsty. It's a medium-sized, easy-to-handle show-off with trichome-drenched flowers that come in exotic and classic green. A true spectacle that stands its ground weight-wise.

Grow Difficulty: Outdoor: 1 (Easy) | Indoor: 3 (Moderate)

Lineage: The cross of Gargoyle SWAG "half-hanging" and Lemon Haze 19 SWAG is a match made in cannabis heaven. Gargoyle SWAG, with its Indica dominance, brings the heavy buds that almost weigh down branches, while Lemon Haze 19 SWAG F3 (think Tannin Trail vibes) races to the finish with quality buds and a standout structure. It's a lineage that promises hefty yields and aromatic bliss.

Leaf type:

Maple Type | Smooth Webbed leaves

Plant Size:

L - XL | Up to 180

Aroma & Flavour:

Turpentine, Grapes, Fruity, Pungent, Umami, Putrid Gas


High | low


Tingly Head high, Creative, Giggly, Sedative


8-9 Weeks | end-October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Gargoyle SWAG "half-hanging" x Lemon Haze 19 SWAG

 *Disclaimer:Collection item only .18+, sales to minors prohibited. This product is for souvenir and collection purposes only. TerpyZ Genetics does not accept any responsibility for any illegal use by third parties. By purchasing this product, you accept the responsibility to check and always follow your local laws.

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