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Strain Description

Color Kush 3G is a unique and variable hybrid cannabis strain from Jayma Mutant Research (Team Kalyseeds). It is a cross of Pablo Picasso x 3 Color Kush Blue x GPP x GPP/SWAG. The strain is approximately 40-50% variegated and albino. It has a fast and vigorous growth pattern, but the seedling stage can be variable, depending on the coloration. Green seedlings are typically only 2 weeks in the seedling stage. While variegated seedlings can take longer to germinate and grow, depending on the amount of variegation. Rarely variegated seedlings can take up to a month to germinate. Most seed will germinate within 3-7 days.

Color Kush 3G is well suited for outdoor cultivation, without any issues. Indoors, they can produce Hermphrodites, especially when exposed to light stress or depending on other stressors.

Plant Morphology

Color Kush 3G plants can have a variety of different appearances, depending on the dominant features of the parent strains. Some plants may have webbed (ducks foot) leaves, while others may have single Finger (blade-shaded) SWAG (smooth-edged webbed leaves), humulopsis (abstract growth), or mixed leaf types. 

The ducksfoot and single plants can easily exceed 3 meters in height, and they typically have a central cola that protrudes from the branches. The side branches also produce massive colas.

Swags have a hedge appearance, and they usually do not exceed 2.5 meters in height. They are very branched and wide, and some have a central cola.

Variegated plants usually do not exceed 2 meters in height, and some are smaller than 1 meter tall.

Aroma and Flavor

 Color Kush 3G has a variety of different aromas and flavors. Some plants have an earthy, fruity, or citrus aroma, whereas others are more musky floral.

The smoke from this strain is typically smooth and flavorful. Some users report a sweet and fruity taste, while others report a more earthy or citrus flavor.

Leaf type:

variegated webbed leaves, Single Finger, SWAG

Plant Size:

M-XXL | Up to 3m

Aroma & Flavour:

Fermented wild berries & elderberry with Hints of fruit liquor or wine


Medium THC | Minor Cannabinoids


Uplifting, Relaxed Social, Pain relief


8-9 Weeks | mid end October

Estimated Yield:



Outdoor | Indoor : Intersex risk

Gender & Genes:

Regular Hybrid Seeds


Pablo Picasso x 3 Color Kush Blue x GPP x GPP/SWAG

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