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Description: Forgotten Haze Cake© aka Amnesia White emerges as a powerhouse hybrid that's rewriting the flavor playbook. With a rich tapestry of citrus zing, sweet fruity bubblegum, and a grounding earthy vanilla undertone, it's a strain that demands attention. The THC levels cruise between 20-25%, ushering in a high that's euphoric, cerebral, and ultimately, soothingly sedative.

Crafted from a lineage that's as mysterious as it is potent, Forgotten Haze Cake stands as a testament to hybrid excellence. Its feminized seeds ensure a grow process free of male plants, focusing energy on yielding bountiful, resinous buds teeming with flavor and potency.

Aroma & Flavour: The olfactory journey begins with a bold Haze citrus punch, weaving through layers of sugary bubblegum sweetness, and settling into a subtle vanilla earthiness. It's an aromatic experience that's as complex as it is delightful, making every session a deep dive into flavor exploration.

Effects: Prepare for a ride with Forgotten Haze Cake, as it lifts you to euphoric heights before gently bringing you down to a state of serene sedation. The journey is long-lasting, weaving through cerebral stimulation to a comforting, full-body calm that's perfect.

Plant & Growth: This strain stands tall and proud, reaching up to 200cm, and is a champion in both indoor and outdoor gardens. Harvestable after 8 Weeks, we still recommend the extra mile. With a flowering time of 9-11 weeks, it tests your patience but can rewards you with an impressive yield of up to 700g/m², making every moment of the wait worthwhile.

Grow Difficulty: Indoor: 2 (Easy) | Outdoor: 2 (Easy) 

Leaf type:

Classic Cannabis Leaf

Plant Size:

XL | Up to 200cm

Flavour & Aroma:

Haze, Lemon, Sweet Bubblegum, hints of Vanilla


20-26% | Low


Strong cerebral stimulation, followed by sedation


8-11 Weeks

Estimated Yield:

XL - XXL | 500-700g/m²


Indoor | Outdoor


Sativa Dominant


Amnesia Haze "Hy-pro cut" x Vanilla White


Feminized Seeds

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