Kalyseeds Variegated Bundle

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Kalyseeds Variegated Mutant Bundle includes: 

  • Opalo SWAG "Variegated Smooth-edged webbed Leaves" (13 Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)
  • Pablo Picasso "Variegated Webbed Leaves" (13 Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)
  • Trinidad Gold SWAG "Variegated Smooth-edged webbed Leaves" (13 Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)

Variegated Cannabis refers to strains, which produce reduced amounts of Chlorophyll or have entire albino leaves. Several of our strains feature that trait, yet it hasn't been entirely stabilized. These strains are primarily grown for their huge ornamental factor and their unique appearance. As most of our variegated strains are SWAG or Duckfoot lines, they further alter the appearance making them close to non-recognizable as Cannabis.

Even though highly beautiful and unique, this trait also have quite some disadvantages as white patches lack Chlorophyl, thus the more variegation is present the less vigorous the plants are. Additionally, a higher susceptibility to cold and humid weather conditions is apparent. This doesn't mean that these plants can't become huge under the right conditions and care.

*Important Notice: Many TerpyZ x Kalyseeds Cultivars have been bred exclusively outdoors. Thus, indoor cultivation carries some intersex risk. In case you encounter any issues, rest assured: We will gladly replace your pack.

*Disclaimer:Collection item only .18+, sales to minors prohibited. This product is for souvenir and collection purposes only. TerpyZ Genetics does not accept any responsibility for any illegal use by third parties. By purchasing this product, you accept the responsibility to check and always follow your local laws.

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