Vino Tinto (Dark Blue Sativa) (12 Regular Seeds)

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Leaf type:

Duckfoot, Green, ~30% Mosaic, Crested

Plant Size:

L-XL ~1-2m

Flavour & Aroma:

Wine, Liqueur, Berry Aromas

Odour/ Smell:

Medium - Strong






Sativa leaning Hybrid with Body Buzz


8-10 Weeks, and October - mid-November

Estimated Yield:

M - XL






Indian Summer Green F10 ((Purple Star X Blueberry F1) x (Purple Passion 98 x Mex. Sativa) x Purple Haze)

Genetic Variability:

Mostly Homogenous

Germination rate



Strain Descriptions: Vino Tinto is a 10th generation Line-bred Duckfoot slightly Sativa dominant Hybrid Strain, the same line as our Pablo Picasso. The most outstanding feature is the beautiful aroma and flavour it has to offer. This strain will produce many vigorous specimens with green leaves, red leaf veins, and some leaf mutations about 30% that produce a mosaic pattern, grey stripes, and light variegation. Rarely, some seeds will produce dwarf plants with more heavily mutated leaves. Already as seedlings, many will have purple stems and later develop dark-green blueish leaves. During flowering with colder temperatures, the flowers will turn into a dark purple almost black colours. Buds are covered by dense frosty Trichomes. The Hash made from this Strain was in between red and black. Excellent for Hash, extract, and concentrates.

Morphology: The regular growing Phenos will grow into quite large plants in one season~2 m, the smaller dwarf specimens stayed around 70-120 cm. The plant grows very bushy with a large main cola and heavy side branches, in a typical Christmas tree shape. The Dwarf plants often seem to be less fertile.

Aromas & Flavours: Wine, Liqueur, Berry Aromas. Especially great for the hash, Concentrates/Extracts.

Effects: Hybrid High, Head buzz and Body buzz

Development: Very easy to propagate via cuttings, work pretty much without hormones. Temperature of -5C led to some minor damages. Requires sunny locations, in shaded locations powdery mildew affected the plants. In sunny locations, no pest or disease issues have been observed even with heavy late autumn rains.

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