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Mango Skunk GPP© Mutant Regular Seeds

This strain is a cross between Mango GPP (1-Finger Phenotype) and GPP Red Hair Skunk (Ducks webbed leaves). The female in this cross is characterized by a single-finger serrated GPP Phenotype with prominent Mango terpenes, a flavor profile we love. The male contributes a prolific Skunky aroma, a trait selected for its intensity and appeal. GPP Red Hair Skunk, an old line developed by Kalyseeds, originates from a cross between Giant Pur Pur and Shaman (Purple #1 X Skunk), known for its robust skunky smell and red hair markers. It had mostly 3 fingered webbed leaves.

Aroma & Flavour:
The resulting strain boasts a complex aroma profile, blending the strong mango terpenes from the female with the skunky aroma of the male. This combination produces a rich, fruity, and skunky scent, appealing to those who appreciate depth in their cannabis's flavor and smell.

Expect a blend of uplifting and relaxing effects. The mango aromas contribute to a more euphoric or uplifting sensation, whereas the skunky aroma from the Red Hair Skunk lineage add to the strain's relaxing or sedative qualities.

Plant & Growth:
This strain exhibits vigorous growth, with the possibility of expressing unique phenotypic traits such as single-finger serrated and mostly ducks leaves. The pistils can be pink/magenta coloured. Plants tend to branch out a lot and with short internodes. Making a stocky and productive plant. Very well-suited for outdoor cultivation, potentially displaying red hairs as a nod to its Skunk heritage.

Grow Difficulty:
Outdoor: 2 (Fairly Easy) | Indoor: 3-4 (Moderate to Challenging) 

The lineage combines Mango GPP (ADED X EDSKINNY Outdoor GPP)'s unique mango terpene profile with GPP Red Hair Skunk's skunky aroma, itself a cross of Giant Pur Pur and Shaman (Purple #1 X Skunk), highlighting a rich heritage aimed at creating a potent, flavorful, and visually appealing strain.

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