Over the past years, we have noticed the evolution of the Cannabis industry from an illegal market to a multi-billion Dollar booming industry. Unlike in the past, Cannabis legalization continues across different countries and States. 36 States in the United States allow the medical use of Cannabis, and 16 States have legalized its adult use. At the same time, perfectly packaged goods and professionally organized dispensaries are becoming a new normal.

As we see the variety of Cannabis-infused products, do you know that these products contain Cannabis that is very different from the original Cannabis strains or landrace strains? Originally, all Cannabis can be traced back genetically to a cultivar found in Pakistan and Afghanistan. As migration and trading of humans and Cannabis occurred, this versatile plant adapted to the unique climate of other countries, making landrace strains the first cannabis crops grown in different regions of the world.

Let's take a look at all that you need to know about landrace strains.

What Is A Landrace Strain?

In terms of Cannabis cultivation, landrace Cannabis strains refer to varieties of Cannabis that are natural and developed naturally in the environment over time. They have not been mixed or crossed bred with any other strain, making it a purebred strain compared to different strains available in the market today.

These strains have less diluted DNA that helps them adapt to different environments through hardiness and natural selection. Landrace strains grow naturally free from the interference of humans, so whether it be an Indica, Sativa, or any other Landrace strain, it evolved to thrive in a distinct region. In the process of adapting to the local environment, they often develop features, phenotypes, and different properties that make them succeed.

These plants have been found in Central America, Mexico, Pakistan, Jamaica, Africa, Afghanistan, and India. Different Landrace strains may give you a clue to the country of their origin, such as Durban poison (from Durban, South Africa), Malawi gold, Thai, Panama Red, Mazar, Afghani Kush.

Are Landrace Strains Still Around?

With the passage of time, growing needs of Cannabis consumers compelled Cannabis growers to start cross-breeding pure landrace strains. The modern desire to maximize potential, taste, and yield has mostly filled the market with hybrids. It all started in the late 70s, when different varieties of landrace Indica and Sativa were cross-bred to create hybrids. In the process of producing hybrids, the main aim was to exclude unwanted characteristics that decreased the production and health of the plant.

This may sound disappointing to old Cannabis users. Still, it is believed that modern Cannabis growers would have rejected many original Landrace strains due to low levels of THC or less yield. Today, most growers don't mind using hybrid Cannabis seeds produced by a cross of original landrace strains, with certain drawbacks.

Can We Find The Original Landrace Cannabis Strains?

The best answer is to look for them in their native regions in the wild. You can still find original Landrace strains in the rugged mountainous areas with tropical climates. Some original Cannabis companies also retain seeds of adulterated pure landrace strains.

Does Landrace Strain More Potent Than Modern Strains?

As already discussed, Landrace strains are pure strains with altered DNA. But this does not affect their potential; it could be higher or lower than different hybrid strains. Likewise, we don't have any evidence to say that landrace cannabis strains have better recreational or medicinal effects. In short, Landrace strains do not hold some unique characteristics or extra potency that will affect its potential and recreational or medicinal properties. In fact, modern hybrid strains are cultivated only with the purpose of providing more significant potential and enhanced medicinal or recreational effects.

Landrace Cannabis Strains

It is believed that only a hundred Landrace strains that humans have never manipulated exist in the world. Actually, nobody exactly knows how many landrace strains exist in the wild. Here are some of the most famous landrace cannabis strains.


That is a landrace Cannabis sativa strain native to Thailand. It is a famous strain that has been loved and used since the '70s. It is the mother strain of Vodoo and Juicy Fruit hybrid strains.
Thai aka Thai Stick, Thailand

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco gold is a landrace cannabis Sativa strain that originated in Mexico, with its characteristic golden brown leaves and amber, golden hair. Its distinct aroma is used to differentiate it from other strains.
Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain


The Afghani Strain of landrace Cannabis is different from Afghani Kush. It is popular among Cannabis growers due to its plentiful trichomes and resin production.
Afghani Strain in the Mountains

Hindu Kush

It is the most popular landrace cannabis strain, with its origin similar to that of Afghani. They produce heavy amounts of trichomes as a means to protect themselves from cold climates.
Hindu Kush landrace cannabis

Durban Poison

Durban Poison was found in the lands of South Africa. It is the only African landrace Cannabis strain that can still be found in its original form. It provides a fruity, sweet, and mild aroma that motivates and is uplifting. The high quantity of resin produced by this Strain is mainly used to make rosin and shatter.
Durban Poison Landrace Cannabis


This Strain comes from the mountains of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The locals have used it as a staple for religious uses and energetic effects. It provides a citrusy, fruity aroma, unlike other strains.
Kilimanjaro landrace cannabis


This landrace strain is native to Aceh, Indonesia. It is famous for its fruity flavor with an earthy aroma.
Aceh Landrace Cannabis

Colombian Gold

The Colombian Gold landrace strain is originated in the mountains of Colombia. It provides mood-lifting, euphoric effects with a mix of sweet and skunky flavor.

Colombian Gold Landrace Cannabis

Swazi Gold

Coming from Africa, Swazi gold is popular for its sweet flavor and its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Swazi Gold Landrace Cannabis


Lamb's Bread

Lamb's bread, aka lamb's breath, is a Sativa strain that gives a herbal, citrusy aroma and sticky texture.

Other landrace Cannabis strains include:

  • Hawaiian duck foot
  • Punto Rojo
  • Malawi
  • Pakistan Chitralal Kush
  • Altai
  • Rooibaard
  • Limon Verde
  • Puna Buddhas
  • Pure Afghan
  • Luang Prabang
  • Kauai Electric
  • Panama Red
  • Thai chocolate
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