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Description: Sour Curry AD© emerges as a champion for outdoor cultivation, tailored for those seeking resilience and stealth in their garden. It's characterized by its striking, elongated single finger and webbed leaves, leading to a bounty of large, medium-density buds. The hallmark of this strain is its distinctive Thai/Lao Sour Curry aroma and terpene profile, reminiscent of the legendary OG Hazes with frosty, dense, yet beautifully tailed flowers.

Effects: Dive into a profound state of relaxation with Sour Curry AD©, where strong sedation meets the potential for deep couch-lock. The journey begins with an intense head and body buzz, easing into a serene state. Regular use balances the sedation, offering a tranquil escape without overwhelming.

Aroma & Flavor: A culinary expedition awaits with Sour Curry AD's unique Thai/Lao Sour Curry scent, interwoven with herbal and spice notes like Holy basil and curry leaves, finished with a lemon zest. Cold snaps bring out stunning reds and purples, while a special phenotype adds a black currant twist with exotic spices. It's a flavorful voyage that's truly unparalleled.

Plant & Growth: Sour Curry AD© showcases its adaptability and visual intrigue from veg to bloom, with a mix of leaf structures enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The single Finger smooth-edged leaves, looking bamboo are stealth as F***. While indoor growth suits the more seasoned, outdoors it's robust and forgiving, perfect for beginners. Direct sunlight is the secret to its densest and most premium buds, making it a gem in any setting.

Grow Difficulty: Outdoor: 2 (Easy) | Indoor: 3-4 (Medium-Advanced)

Sour Curry AD© stands as a testament to unique breeding, offering a sensory experience that defies the ordinary with its captivating aromas, potent effects, and stunning morphology, making it a prized addition to any collection.

Leaf type:

Bamboo Leaf Dominant

Plant Size:

XL | Up to 250cm (Outdoors)

Aroma & Flavour:

Sour Curry, Black Currants, Oriental Spices


High | Low


Sedative, Relaxing, Head & Body Buzz, 


9 Weeks | end-October to mid November

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




(AD 17 Blueberry x AD17 Blueberry) F3

*Important Notice: This TerpyZ Cultivar is best suited for outdoors& Greenhouse. Indoor cultivation carries some intersex risk. In case you encounter any issues, rest assured: We will gladly replace your pack.

*Disclaimer:Collection item only .18+, sales to minors prohibited. This product is for souvenir and collection purposes only. TerpyZ Genetics does not accept any responsibility for any illegal use by third parties. By purchasing this product, you accept the responsibility to check and always follow your local laws.

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