Welcome to TerpyZ Mutant Genetics – The Misfits of Cannabis.

We are a team of passionate cannabis aficionados, united by our decade-long quest for the most unique and exclusive strains. This relentless pursuit of the extraordinary, sparked by our quest for what seemed unattainable, naturally led to the birth of TerpyZ Mutant Genetics in 2021. Armed with our extensive hands-on experience in the cannabis industry, our team is at the forefront of breeding standout strains. These creations not only challenge and redefine traditional perceptions of cannabis but also solidify our position as the ultimate connoisseurs of unique cannabis experiences.

Our journey has always been about seeking out the extraordinary. The diversity of our offerings is a testament to our commitment to this quest. Whether it’s the challenge of ensuring discretion for our growers, or the desire for a stunningly diverse garden, our curated selections are designed to exceed expectations. At TerpyZ, diversity isn't just an option; it's our promise.

The Leaders of Flavor and Innovation

Our strains are renowned for their breeding innovation and exceptional flavors, standing as the most extraordinary cannabis plants you’ll encounter. Our legacy, built on a foundation of classic strains, modern hybrids, and exotic landraces, allows us to produce mutant varieties unmatched in their uniqueness and flavor profile.

At TerpyZ, we don’t follow conventions; we are creators, constantly pushing the boundaries of Cannabis Genetics. This dedication to innovation is at the heart of everything we do to offer the most exclusive, and unparalleled cannabis experiences. 

With TerpyZ, you're not just growing cannabis; you're cultivating the future!

A World-Class Collection Like No Other

TerpyZ proudly boasts the world’s most comprehensive collection of cannabis mutant genetics. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, as we continuously work on developing entirely new varieties and enhancing our strains' disease and pest resistance. Our library's rarity is unmatched, offering growers access to a world of cannabis genetics previously unimagined.

Our Brand Promise: Customer-Centric Excellence

At the heart of TerpyZ is our unwavering commitment to our customers. Our brand promise is built on delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, ensuring that every interaction with our products is positive, fulfilling, and exceeds expectations. 

We’re dedicated to offer our customers exceptional high quality strains!

Exclusive Seed Collections:

True F1 & Semi F1 Hybrid Seeds: Our hybrids embody true hybrid vigor, offering stability, potency, and flavor that caters to both commercial and home growers.

Feminized Seeds: Featuring strains like Amnesia White©, Banana Clouds©, and Vanilla Pulao©, our feminized seeds promise a garden of potent and aromatic plants.

Mutant Genetics: With options like ZketchGrape© and Mentha de Croco©, our mutant genetics line offers unparalleled diversity and innovation.

Kalyseeds Collection: Showcasing decades of innovation with unique leaf shapes and aroma profiles.

Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa Seeds: Catering to all preferences, our catalog includes a wide range of strains for every type of grower.

All Cannabis Leaf-Morphologies: From Ducks (webbed leaves), and Single Finger to ABC and GPP, SWAG, PAC, variegated and new developments, our collection explores the limits of cannabis genetics, offering the most exclusive and diverse strains.

Join Us on a Journey to Enrich and Preserve Nature's Diversity

At TerpyZ Mutant Genetics, our mission extends beyond mere cannabis breeding; we're dedicated to enriching and preserving the diversity of nature itself. Dive with us into the forefront of cannabis genetics, a place where exclusivity, innovation, and beauty meet. 


By joining us, you're not just becoming part of the TerpyZ Mutant Community; you're actively participating in our effort to safeguard and expand the genetic diversity of the Cannabis genus. Uncover your next cultivation masterpiece and contribute to a richer, more diverse natural world.