Who is your Daddy ABC F1 "Australian Bastard Cannabis" (10 Regular Seeds)

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Australian Bastard Cannabis IBL cross-pollinated with a SWAG Strain. Either SWAG Blue or AD17 (reversed female). A small percentage of ~10% of regular Australian Bastard Cannabis Plants. 

Australian Bastard Cannabis Hybrids have shown to be very vigorous, pest resistant, and overall have a very high resilience. Also, cold hardiness is one of the traits found in ABC Hybrids. With "Who is your Daddy ABC" you will get mostly regular-looking Cannabis plants, as the ABC leaf trait (Photo 2/5/6) is recessive. We found about 10% normal ABC leaves, these plants are not Hybrids, they are pure ABCs. The large majority are F1 Hybrids, which means the first generation. If you plan to breed with these plants, you have to cross two plants of this line, and you will receive in the next generation recombination of the genes. So ABC leaf traits, the other mutant, which we think was a SWAG or AD17, and regular Cannabis leaves can be found. On top of that, you have the chance for new mutations to emerge, when you continue breeding.

Australian Bastard is an Australian landrace strain, which was found as a feral population, probably the strangest looking Cannabis plant in the family. The leaves resemble Parsley and the plant looks nothing like Cannabis, not extremely potent, yet it has a Sativa uplifting effect, very well suited for social settings.

These Plants should also perform Indoors very well, as ABC Hybrids have shown to be rather productive in indoor settings.

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