Tropical Cookies

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Flowering time indoor 8 weeks
Harvest month outdoor September
Yield indoor 650-750 grams /m2
Mold resistance High
THC 21-25%
CBD Medium
Flavour Pineapple with cookies and a skunk flavour
Climate Can take warm and cold climates
Height indoor filter Average - 120cm -150cm
Height indoor 1.10cm - 1.40cm
Height outdoor 1.80cm - 2.20cm
Harvest month outdoor Last week of september
Parents Pine apple skunk x girlscout cookies
Genetics 80% indica - 20% sativa

We took our pineapple skunk clone and crossed it with the girlscout cookies thin mint cut.
this one will stay as a F1 for now.
You can expect phenotypes in this strain, but there will not be much of a difference as the pineapple
skunk and the girlscout cookies both grow the same and look the same.
The phenos also have the same needs in nutrients and climate so it will be easy to grow this one.
The only difference in the pheno will be the flavour, some will be more fresh like grapefruit and others will be more sweet
like the cookies.
After doing some testgrows we will decide what pheno we want to have for the next generation of this strain.
This small and bushy plant is perfect for indoor growing or for outdoor grow where you dont want high plants.
Due to the pineapple this strain is very moldresistant and really early flowering.
Perfect for outdoorgrows in the northern hemisphere or short indoors grows.

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