Tangerine G13

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Parents: Tangerine x G13

Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Taste: Fruity / Sweet / Citrus
Effect: Uplifting Body Buzz
Flowering time: 10 Weeks

Tangerine G13 – Multi Award Winning Strain

Tangerine G13 cannabis seeds by Amsterdam Genetics are a unique strain developed by us here in Amsterdam.

The Tangerine G13 strain is a strain that has already surprised many consumers because of its potency, vigour and effect.

The flavour of the light green and compact buds that these plants produce can be described as fruity with a hint of citrus, this in combination with an ultimate uplifting sativa effect can only be described as pure pleasure. The uplifting sativa effect is proceeded by a lovely relaxing bodybuzz when the strain is taken in a higher dosage.

Due to its sativa qualities, the Tangerine G13 has enormous vigour when growing which makes it particularly suitable for SCROG (Screen Of Green) method. Using the SOG (Sea Of Green) method will enable a shorter growing period due to the plants natural vigour.

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