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Number of seeds in pack 3 seeds + 1 for free ( total of 4 seeds)
Type 80% Sativa 20% Indica
Genetics Goji Haze X Strawberry Haze
Flowering time indoor (weeks) 10/11 weeks
Harvest indoor 350-450g/m2
Height indoor 100-130cm
Flowering time outdoor (months) 7 months
Harvest outdoor
Height outdoor 180-220cm
Effect Energetic, focussed, creative
Taste Sweet/Fruity/Strawberry
THC Super high
Cannabis cup winner No

Strawberry Cream cannabis seeds

We decided to further develop our Goji Haze and crossed it with a Strawberry Haze. We wanted to create an ultimate sweet-tasting cannabis strain for real sweet tooth smokers. The outcome is Strawberry Cream! A nice sweet aroma of strawberries will be noticed when smoking this beauty. A nice fruity strain to surprise your friends with after a nice evening of fine dining. A real treat for your taste buds. Yes, that’s right, this weed tastes just like some cream with strawberries. The exclusive Sumo Seeds’ cross of Goji Haze ( Super Goji Haze) with a Strawberry Haze, a famous fruity Sativa from Arjen from Greenhouse Seeds Amsterdam. This cannabis strain is a full Sativa/Haze weed with a very sweet and creamy taste and aroma. Next to our Amnesia Ganja Haze or Silver Buddha Haze, Strawberry Cream is a favorite choice of all the Haze lovers out there. What makes our Strawberry Cream so special is exactly its creamy-strawberry flavor that is not so easy to achieve and a stabilized form.

Flowering time and appearance of Strawberry Cream cannabis seeds:

Strawberry Cream has a flowering time between 10 to 11 weeks indoors. Some growers report a shorter flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. Growers outdoor can harvest her sweet buds at the beginning of October. Place her in sunny areas and make sure to protect her against too much rain.
A true sativa look with long internodes and Sativa shape leaves. Indoors she can grow into a 100 to 130cm sativa plant. Outdoors you can achieve lengths of 180 to 220cm when placed directly into the soil.

Yield indoor and outdoor of Strawberry Cream cannabis seeds:

Not our most heavy yielding sativa strain but with an average of 350 to 450 g/m2 you won’t be disappointed. Outdoors you can harvest between 300 to 550 sweet aromatic strawberry cream buds.

Effect + THC + CBD of Strawberry Cream cannabis seeds:

Energetic highs are reported among the users of Strawberry Cream. A great strain when you want to enjoy your favorite herb during the daytime but still want to be able to get your task done.

Taste and odor of Strawberry Cream cannabis seeds:

A fruitful strawberry aroma and taste.

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