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Leaf type:

Duckfoot, very rarely regular Cannabis leaves, ~10-20% variegated, crested, crinkled

Plant Size:

L-XXL 1,8 – 3 m

Flavour & Aroma:

Lemon, Sweet Sour Fruits, Floral, Hints of Gas

Odour/ Smell:



~ 12-18%


~2 %


Stimulating, Uplifting, Calming


8-9 Weeks, mid-end October

Estimated Yield:



Outdoor: Easy | Indoor: Easy

Disease & Pest Resistance:

Very High

Cold Hardiness:





Sativa dominant Hybrid


(White Widow Duck x Lemon Haze Duck) F4 x Male variegated Opalo SWAG

Genetical Homogeneity:

Medium to High Homogeneity

Germination rate:



Strain Description: Lemon Alien is a bushy growing plant with solid hybrid vigour. Outdoors, reaching up to 3 meters and producing massive Flowers buds. The maternal genetic for this line is the initial Lemon Alien, which was an F4 line of Lemon Haze and White Widow, selected for Duckfoot leave traits, and Lemon Haze leaning phenotypes. The stud used for pollination was a vigorous and terpene-rich variegated Opalo SWAG, introducing Gas to the Terpene spectrum. As well as the famed SWAG Leaf Mutations and rare variegations. The resulting cross features majorly Duckfoot specimens, some regular leafed plants (~5%) and other funky leaf mutations (~10-20%). Overall a very sturdy strain and due to its ease of growing a great entry point into the Cannabis mutant world.

For the Duckfoot Phenotypes, two Phenos have been identified, one with large frosty, a little bit more airy buds and beautiful purple hues. Features stronger lemony terpenes. The 2nd Phenotype produces more pine-cone-like buds which are sugar-coated and dense, leaning more towards Sweet Sour Fruity Terpenes with hints of Gas.

Morphology: Regular Duckfoot leaf morphology, Sativa leaning growth, Christmas tree-shaped. High vigour and resilience to dry conditions. Thanks to the Opalo SWAG influence, some rare specimens will show strange leaf mutations arising from this line. For example, variegation, crinkling, cresting. Yet most will look like Duckfoot Cannabis. In the Mediterranean climate, this strain tends to grow a massive taproot, providing it with water while most other strains were wilting.

Aromas & Flavours:  Lemon, Sweet Sour Fruits, Floral, Hints of Gas

Effects: Uplifting Sativa effect, Clarity, Calmness

Development: This strain is very easy going, it tolerates dry growing conditions, and grows extremely vigorously. Suitable both for Outdoors and Indoors, yet Indoors and eye should be kept on the size of the plants. It has also been shown to tolerate both light and heavy feeding regimes. 

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