Kalyhops "Medi"

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Plant Descriptions: Kalyhops "Medi" Humulus Japonicus

This plant species is on the Union list of Regulation (EU) No. 1143/2014 "on the prevention and management of the introduction and spread of invasive alien species".

Article 7 prohibits the introduction, breeding, trading or releasing into the environment of invasive species of Union concern.

This means we are not able to sell or continue this project. We will try experimenting with new Hops species, but this will take many years.

KalyHops, which has been used for over 20 years in experimental grafting for Cannabis. Compared with regular Beer hops, the Kalyhops grafts well with Cannabis and has been adapted for this specific purpose. You can both graft the Hops onto Cannabis and the other way Cannabis on Hops. The basic idea behind the Grafting project is that Cannabis and Hops are the closest relatives in the Cannabaceae family. Our Breeder Kalyseeds aka Dr Kaly has used these Hops since the early 2000ś and continuously selected plants, which performed well as grafts and rootstocks as well as selected plants according to his vision of the horizontal gene transfer. Horizontal gene transfer is a mechanism where two plants exchange genetic information through contact points such as graftings. This phenomenon has been well documented scientifically and for example, the tobacco industry has used it successfully to create a hybrid of two non-compatible tobacco varieties.

This line of Kalyhops has initially been variegated but lost its variegation over the years as other breeding objectives were prioritized. About 0-25% of plants can still show variegations.

We can say for sure that Dr Kaly had significant success in creating a very stable grafting foundation for Cannabis, as well as the grafting procedures seem to trigger morphological changes in the plants involved in it, for any other claim we lack scientific evidence. Yet, considering the hundreds to thousands of grafting experiments he has performed year over year, we fully appreciate his vision and want to work continue on this project and further refine it.


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