Goblin SWAG (Violletta SWAG V3) (12 Regular Seeds)

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Leaf type:

SWAG Leaf, ~50% crested, crinkled, minor variegations

Plant Size:

S-L 40 cm-120 cm

Flavour & Aroma:

SWAG Profile, Umami, Oak Barrel, Earth, Hints of Gas

Odour/ Smell:

Medium - Strong


Medium - Strong




Chilling, Relaxation, little dreamy/spacey


8-10 Weeks, end/October-end November

Estimated Yield:



Outdoor Excellent/ Indoor: more difficult




Mostly Indica leaning Hybrid


Lightly Variegated Violetta SWAG x Pygmalion

Genetic Variability:

Mostly Homogenous

Germination rate:



*Important Information: All TerpyZ x Kalyseeds Cultivars have been bred exclusively outdoors. Thus, indoor cultivation or other stress factors can increase the risk of Intersex traits. In case you encounter any issues, rest assured: We will gladly replace your pack.

Strain Descriptions:
Our Goblin SWAG is intended to be a rather small, easy to disguise strain. As with Goblins typical, you will find a rather strange and interesting look and definitely an impressive smell :D. We have selected a small-sized strongly indica leaning slightly variegated Violetta SWAG and crossed it with Pygmalion, which is by far the smallest plant in the gene pool. Pygmalion grows between 30-80 cm producing plenty of branches with rough nugget-sized flowers with an intense SWAG aroma. The variegation of our Violetta SWAG got mostly lost, but still is present in a more subtle form. About 50% of the seedling will feature minor variegations and some cresting with the rare occasional runt.
This strain is intended for balconies or situations with space restrictions or where ginormous plants are unwanted. Due to the Violetta SWAG heritage carrying SWAG original genes, some rare outliers might be present resulting in rather vigorous plants but will be a rather rare occasion.

Photo 1: Pygmalion Parent line
Photo 2: Violetta SWAG Parent line
Photo 3: Goblin SWAG Seedlings
Photo 4-6: Pygmalion Parent line
Photo 7-9: Violetta Parent line
Photo 10: Variegated Pygmalion

Morphology: Goblin SWAG should be mostly 60-100 cm in size, very compact and produce plenty of branches. Some plants tend to have weaker branches, making support during the flowering period required if you don't intend to have it as a hanging plant. Pygmalion was bred for hanging branches, with the intention of creating vine-like Cannabis plants for hanging pots on balconies. This trait is to some lesser degree present in Goblin SWAG. In our test, the growth was very homogenous, growing more compact than any other strain. If you give this strain sufficient time, it can still develop large plants, as well as some rare Phenotypes tend to grow with more vigor.

Aromas & Flavours: SWAG Profile, Umami, Oak Barrel, Earth, Hints of Gas. At times, more woody Haze notes come through. The SWAG profile is entirely unique and not really comparable to anything on the market.

Effects: Most Phenotypes are Indica-leaning. Ideal for an evening on the couch or some Chill-out moments or meditation.

Development: Like all our SWAG lines, Outdoors is where this strain truly shines. It is a plant-it-and-forget-it, kind of plant. Especially when planted directly into your garden soil. Make sure to provide high levels of Minerals, in pots as well as Indoors. A very sturdy strain, which does not require much attention. Not in particular nutrient hungry.

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