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CBG Zerodue X CBG GG#4 Auto

  •  Life cycle : 11 weeks
  •  Grow type : Indoor/Outdoor
  •  Dominant : Indica
  •  Yield : Big
  •  THC : Less than 0.2%
  •  Flavor : Candy Creamy
  •  Effect : Relaxing
  •  Experience : Intermediate



    Our newest behemoth beast of a genetic is CBG Gorilla Zerodue Autoflower, which is a cross between our incredible CBG Zerodue Fem and a selection of CBG Gorilla Glue #4 Auto. Remember that CBG Zerodue Fem is a cross between CBD Critical XXL and Italian Research Genetics, CBG Zerodue and is remarkable not just for its fast flowering times and potential yield, but also for being particularly high in CBG and low in THC.


    Gorilla Glue #4 is known for dumping huge amounts of trichome frosted buds on to the trim table, but even more so for its delicious flavors and aroma. In this cross, expect the same intense aromatic experience you will have come to expect, with the advantages of being a high CBG producing genetic, and non-photoperiodic. This means that CBG Gorilla Zerodue Auto will begin to flower on its own, and is suitable for areas that might not get adequate sunlight for photopereodic strain cultivation.


    CBG flowers

    Flowers from CBG Gorilla Zerodue Autoflower can be expected to have THC levels far under 0.2% as low as 0.05% and CBG levels as high as 8,08% above 8%, making it a total game changer for the medical community and for the breeding community since levels this high of CBG has been virtually impossible to obtain previously. Also, the low amount of THC makes this cannabis legal nearly all over the world.


    Growing and blooming

    Plant height varies considerably, from just under 1 meter to almost 1.5 meters and the germination rate is around 98%. Many plants will express their CBD Critical XXL ancestry by showing gigantic yields, and as well as producing the characteristic flavors of Gorilla Glue that we all know and love. Being an Autoflowering, or nonphotoperiodic variety, CBG Gorilla Zerodue Auto will typically begin flowering around 4-5 weeks after germination. Start plants indoors for the first couple weeks under 24hrs of artificial light per day, if possible before taking outdoors. Autoflowering genetics do not tend to enjoy being transplanted, so make sure you plant your germinated seed in its final container size. Indoors, CBG Gorilla Zerodue Auto will flourish under 18-20 hrs of light per day.


    CBG cannabinoid

    Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of more than 120 identified cannabinoids found to be produced by cannabis and forms from CBGa, which is considered the parent molecule from which all other cannabinoids are synthesized by the plant. Because it typically constitutes only a very small portion of the cannabinoids found on a mature cannabis plant, it wasn’t until recently - and through extensive breeding – that high CBG cannabis seed became available.


    CBG medical

    The medical community finds CBG particularly interesting. While this interest is spurred by the potential health benefits related to the cannabinoid, CBG is known for being the most expensive cannabinoid to produce, making it particularly difficult to study in mass – until now!

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