ABC Special "Australian Bastard Cannabis"

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Leaf type:

~75% ABC Special, 25% regular Cannabis leaves (mostly dense phenos, more rare a stretched phenotype) 

Plant Size:


Flavour & Aroma:

Lemon, Earthy, Pine, Pungent (Spice | hints of gas)

Odour/ Smell:



High | Low


Uplifting, Cerebral, Good Mood






Australian Bastard Breeding Project | The regular leafed plants (~25% are accidental pollinations with our SWAG Blue or AD17)


Cultivar Description: Our ABC Special is an Australian Bastard Cannabis creation by our Breeder Dr. Kaly with his amazing ability to select the most outstanding plants he has created in just a few generations a greatly improved Australian Bastard line. Anyone familiar with ABC lines knows the seeds are usually on the smaller side, yet the ABC Special features some of the biggest Cannabis seeds known to us. And this extra seed size also translates into faster growth. Australian Bastard Cannabis is known to be rather slow growing initially. With our ABC Special we have created an ABC line that has a significantly improved vigour.

This increased vigour also translates to bigger plants compared with the original ABC line. We have further improved the terpenes profile. Still with the typical expression of this line, yet louder and further refined. Reminding us of AK47.

As with Northern Bastard also this ABC line received some accidental pollen by our SWAG Blue or a reversed AD17 hit the ABC Special mother. This means about 20-25% regular leafed plants. They are vigorous F1 Hybrids. (They are shown in our pictures in young plant form)

Morphology: Typical Australian Bastard Cannabis plants with increased vigour and improved growth. Overall, a rather bushy growing plant with an appearance not typical for Cannabis. ABC Special has dense frosty beautiful flowers.

Aromas & Flavours: Some AK47 leaning specimens. Lemon is a present aroma, also pine and woody aromas, and spiciness. Hints of gas or kerosene.

Effects: A rather uplifting Sativa high, and a dreamy cerebral effect.

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