Northern Bastard "Australian Bastard Cannabis"

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Description: Northern Bastard = Australian Bastard Cannabis

~20% F1 hybrid plants with regular leaves due to accidental pollinations with a SWAG line.

Northern Bastard is a cross of German Power Subterfuge and ABC Special. German Power Subterfuge is an "ABC" Subterfuge line, that has been selected for 3 consecutive years in Germany. Subterfuge itself is an ABC line from the US breeder Hyb. German Power Subterfuge has been selected for resisting Germany's horrible  weather conditions ( :D ) which are often wet, windy, dark, and cold in autumn 

ABC "Special" is an ABC line created by Kalyseeds aka. Dr Kaly. The line has been selected for an improved Terpene Profile, higher potency, and better yields were also selected for. 

The cross of the ABC lines should give an improved ABC line that can withstand all kinds of climate conditions. ABC is as unrecognizable as Cannabis can get. Looking like a Parsley Bush rather than anything else. 

What stands out about this ABC line the most is that ABC seeds are usually some of the tiniest Cannabis seeds around, yet the ABC Special created by Dr Kaly produces very big Cannabis seeds. 

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