(Duckweb IBL x ED SWAG Auto) x Blue Booby F1

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Description: (Duckweb IBL x ED SWAG Auto) x Blue Booby F1

Polyhybrid webbed Variety. The selected female out of our "Duckweb IBL X ED SWAG Auto" population featured intense Gas, Incense and Pine Terpenes and webbed leaves.

Duckweb IBL from Olympic Seeds is a pure Indica landrace originating in Afghanistan. It first stayed in Hawaii and then travelled to Colorado. Duckweb IBL is an inbred webbed landrace with beautiful magenta/pink pistils, good potency and outstanding stability. It has an extremely Uplifting and Happy, Social high usually associated with Sativa.

ED SWAG Auto is a cross of Ed Rosenthal Super Bud with an automatic SWAG strain from Kalyseeds.

The male was selected from the Blue Booby F1 lines by Fygtree. Blue Booby F1 is a true Polyhybrid webbed leave (Duckfoot) variety.

Blue Booby F1  (Puffin F3 X Moonduck F4)

Puffin (Super Silver Haze x Tropica Race (Purple Haze X Indian Summer Kaly Duck))
Moon Duck (Ducksfoot IBL x Vanilluna)

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