(Duckweb IBL X Alien Picasso F1) X Blue Booby F1

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Description: (Duckweb IBL X Alien Picasso F1) X Blue Booby F1

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This line brings together some of our favourite Duckfoot lines. The mother plant of this cross: Duckweb IBL x Alien Picasso F1 had intoxicating Caramel Candy terps with Pine and Fuel undertones.

Duckweb IBL from Olympic Seeds pure Indica originating in Afghanistan. It is an inbred webbed landrace with beautiful magenta/pink pistils, good potency and outstanding stability. It has an extremely Uplifting and Happy, Social high associated with Sativa. 

Alien Picasso F1 is a cross that we made of a super gassy OG Kush-leaning Pablo Picasso and Lemon Alien, both of which are genetics derived from Kalyseeds. 

Alien Picasso F1 (Pablo Picasso x Lemon Alien)

Blue Booby F1 (Puffin F3 X Moon Duck F4) is a Polyhybrid webbed leaf by Fygtree.

Puffin (Super Silver Haze x Tropica Race (Purple Haze X Indian Summer Kaly Duck))

Moon Duck (Ducksfoot IBL x Vanilluna)

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