(Pablo Picasso x Freakshow Blue) F1

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Leaf type:


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Flavour & Aroma:

-Haze, Candy, Lime and chemical Jack 






-Uplifting Sativa High, Bliss, tingly body high






-Pablo Picasso x Freakshow Blue

*Important Information: All TerpyZ x Kalyseeds Cultivars have been bred exclusively outdoors. Thus, indoor cultivation or other stress factors can increase the risk of Intersex traits. In case you encounter any issues, rest assured: We will gladly replace your pack.

Strain Descriptions:
This F1 Hybrid mutant line contains two of the most sought after “mutant” Cannabis varieties. Pablo Picasso from Kalyseeds and Freakshow line by the Californian Breeder Shapeshifter. The leaf morphology on this cultivar is deeply serrated, resembling a fern-like look.  

The female is a variegated ducksfoot cultivar from Kalyseeds, called Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso is a true Masterpiece. A variegated duck-foot strain. It is a Sativa dominant Hybrid,  which has been continuously line-bred from our Indian Summer, for high potency. A secret sativa male has introduced the variegation into the line. Pablo Picasso has a high ornamental factor with its beautiful abstract patterns on the leaves. With a true old-school aroma.

The resulting F1 is one of the first releases of our collaboration with these amazing cultivars. Together with Highgrademutants, creator of the Berryfreak we will work on more amazing mutant Cannabis varieties.

It stands out for strong Hybrid vigour, beautiful terpenes and high productivity. If bred into an F2 line, a range of leaf mutations will appear again in the offspring.

Morphology & Growth:
Strong Hybrid vigour, featuring a well-structured plant. Blending both Indica and Sativa traits, maximizing production. The flower formation is huge. Leaves are like with regular Cannabis, only with strong serrations.

Aromas & Flavours:
Haze, Candy, Lime and chemical Jack 

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