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Leaf type:

Smooth-edged webbed leaves (SWAG)

Plant Size:

L - XL | Up to 180

Aroma & Flavour:

Sweet, Earthy, Pine, Hash, Gassy


~18-22% / ~/%


Full-Body Buzz, Clear Head high, Creative, Giggly


8-9 Weeks | end-October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse


Indica dominant Hybrid


Pygmalion V22 x Tannin Trail SWAG


ZFuel SWAG is the perfect 50/50 Hybrid mutant in terms of effects. Born from the union of Pygmalion V22, a stocky Indica SWAG Strain with a heavy couch-locking Indica high, and Tannin Trail SWAG, the most early finishing Sativa mutant in our collection, offering intense flavors and an uplifting psychedelic high. ZFuel strikes a harmonious balance, blending the chill and energizing elements of its parents, resulting in a well-rounded cannabis experience. The plant structure leans more into the Indica side.

Aroma & Flavour:

ZFuel SWAG is a treat for any Indica lovers, boasting sweet, earthy, and hash notes. Accompanied by pine aroma and touches gas provide a refreshing twist, adding a light and invigorating element to its overall rich and flavorful profile. ZFuel SWAG is sure to leave you craving for more. Among the phenotypes of ZFuel SWAG, only a select few beautifully express the distinctive cheesy aroma inherited from Tannin Trail SWAG. These unique individuals add a rare dimension to the strain's overall aromatic profile.


Fuel SWAG delivers a potent and relaxing effect typical of Indica strains, followed by a clear-headed high similar to first-class Sativas. Prepare for a cerebral rush of euphoria, inducing a happy, giggly, and remarkably sociable experience. This strain may prove beneficial for artists seeking that creative spark to enhance their work. 

Plant Morphology:

ZFuel SWAG proudly displays its Indica heritage, featuring stocky plants with short internodes and dense, crystal-covered buds. The strain's unmistakable SWAG leaves, characterized by smooth-edged webbed (Ducksfoot) leaves, add to its unique and recognizable appearance. Prepare to witness the impressive expression of Indica genes in ZFuel SWAG, delivering a visually stunning cannabis cultivation experience.

Parental Lines:

Pygmalion V22 is a excellent Indica SWAG plant by Kalyseeds is a notable for its stocky Indica characteristics and powerful effects. This SWAG Strain boasts dense, crystal-covered buds and a unique aroma profile that exudes a captivating blend of earthy and hash notes. Its sturdy growth and short internodes contribute to its compact stature, making it a suitable choice for growers looking for manageable plants that produce high-quality yields.

Tannin Trail SWAG (LH 19 SWAG F3), a Mutant strain, impresses with early, high-quality buds, making it a preferred choice for growers aiming for a mid-end October harvest. Offering very strong aroma profiles it has been the perfect match for this cross


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