Spicy Temptation GPP (Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)

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Leaf type:

Single Finger, Blade-shaped, webbed leaves Ducksfoot

Plant Size:

XL- XXL | Up to 4m

Aroma & Flavour:

Pheno 1: Pine, Pepper with hints of Haze

Pheno 2: Berry, Fruity Kush

Pheno 3: Green Tea Herbs


~10-20% | ~2-10%


Uplifting, Feel-Good, Social, Relaxed, Unwind


8-9 weeks | End-October

Estimated Yield:



Outdoor | Indoor




(Ed Rosenbud F5 x GPP Hibiscus Kush) F3


Spicy Temptation GPP (formerly known as GPP Hibiscus Kush 2.0): the perfect outdoor cultivar, ideal for beginners! Expect abundant piney, peppery nugs with hints of haze and more rarely a berry kushy aroma akin to GPP Hibiscus Kush. Most plants will produce various shades of purple.

A subset of about 25% CBD-heavy phenotypes offers a mild aroma reminiscent of green tea and herbs. Indoors, these plants require more expertise, making them best suited for intermediate or experienced growers. Experience the tempting allure of Spicy Temptation GPP, an outdoor gem that'll captivate your senses and reward your green thumbs!

Morphology & Growth

It contains about 50% of Single finger plants (blade-shaped) and 50% webbed leaves (Ducksfoot) and very rarely smooth-edged Phenotypes. This line is very vigorous Outdoors and can easily reach 3m and more under the right conditions. High tolerance to bad weather conditions. 

Aroma & Flavour:

Pheno 1: Pine, Pepper with hints of Haze

Pheno 2: Berry, Fruity Kush

Pheno 3: Green Tea Herbs


All Phenotypes are on the softer side, none of them will deliver an overwhelming experience.

Pheno 1: With its pine, pepper, and hints of haze flavor profile, the effect is invigorating and uplifting. It provides a focused and energizing high, making it perfect for daytime productivity and creativity, workouts or social occasions.

Pheno 2: The berry and fruity Kush flavors of Pheno 2 deliver a soothing and euphoric experience. It brings relaxation and contentment, uplifting your mood with a blissful and tranquil high, more suitable for unwinding.

Pheno 3: Enjoy the unique charm of Pheno 3's green tea and herbs flavor. The effect is calming and soothing, offering a sense of clarity and mental relaxation. It's perfect for unwinding after a long day, providing a gentle and mellow experience with its high CBD content and low THC it is ideal for sensitive people.

Parental Lines:

Ed Rosenbud F5GPP Hibiscus Kush

Ed Rosebud F5 is a cross by Kalyseeds of SWAG Original and Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, bred into the F5.

GPP Hibiscus Kush is Giant Pur Pur crossed to SOS Hibiscus Kush.

Giant Pur Pur a Strain by Kalyseeds is the result of crossing a Single Leaflet (Lanceolate) Landrace Strain originating from the Russian-Chinese border region “Amur” with his Indian Summer Duckfoot Strain (Blueberry F1 x 80´s Purple Passion x Mexican Sativa Landrace) and stabilising the Single Leaflet trait over many generations, whilst improving the Flavours. Giant Pur Pur “GPP” has been crossed with SOS Hibiscus Kush, which is an early finishing Swag strain specifically developed for cold and wet climates like England or Northern Europe with a fruity aromatic Kush aroma. 

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