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Strain Description:

The Smooth-Edged Ducksfoot (SWAG) is a distinctive strain featuring leaves with smooth edges and a medium growth vigor. It excels in canopy management, producing superb dank aromas. Its sandy trichome heads add to its unique appeal, a attribute perfect for dry sift extraction. This strain inherits dank buds and an unmistakable aroma profile from its parent, making it far from discreet.

Aroma & Flavour:

The SWAG offers intense aromas with an acetonic turpentine backbone complemented by sweet fruit notes. Some phenotypes carry hints of Grape Mr. Sketch marker scents, while others lean into roasted Umami aromas with traces of methane gas.

Plant Morphology:

Medium-sized SWAG plant exhibiting medium internodal spacing, making them easy to manage. Their medium-dense trichome-rich fingered flowers are a sight to behold. Both exotic-looking and green phenotypes can be found. SketchGrape is improved at supporting the flower weight without compromising on its intense aromas, a feat distinct from its mother.


Gargoyle SWAG x LH19SWAG

Gargoyle SWAG "half-hanging, closely related to Violetta SWAG, with a slightly smaller size but huge yield and strong aroma. It showcases a dominant Indica-leaning structure, denser flowers, and a potent Indica High. Renowned for terpene expression, Gargoyle SWAG "half-hanging" as the name says is a Phenotype with heavy buds, which load up so much that the stalks tend to bend down in the last weeks of flowers. The flower structure is dense, yet open. And the most outstanding feature is the loud almost offensive aroma profile, slapping everyone that takes a whiff straight from the nostrils into the brain.

Tannin Trail SWAG (LH 19 SWAG F3), a Mutant strain, impresses with early, high-quality buds, making it a preferred choice for growers aiming for a mid-end October harvest. Offering very strong aroma profiles it has been the perfect match for this cross.

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