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Leaf type:

Single Finger leaves, variegated & Green, Colorful

Plant Size:

L-XXL | Up to 3m

Aroma & Flavour:

Fermented wild berries & elderberry with Hints of fruit liquor or wine


Medium THC | Minor Cannabinoids


Uplifting, Relaxed Social, Pain relief


8-9 Weeks | mid end October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor

Gender & Genes:

Regular Hybrid Seeds

Strain Description:

GPP Neon features mostly single fingered teethed (serrated) leaves, resembling elongated lemon balm or Stinging Nettles, about 30% of the Plants will be variegated, which includes albinos. In the last weeks of flowering variegated GPP Neon plants starts developing crazy color fades with plenty of real pink! The variegated Leaf tissues explode in a color festival. The purely green plants have a more dark pink purple-ish hue. This color sensation also translates into the Flower of GPP Neon. The leaves and the flower can have, yellow, white, green tones and in cold exposure most Phenotypes will mix with red and Pink tones. The flowers are like pieces of art sparkling in the evening sun like a mix a rainbows and gems.

The leaves can reach the size of the hand of an adult person. Around the beginning of flowering the single finger leaves will morph into 3 tips, but not separated leaflets. 

Expected yield are very high on green Phenotypes and slightly lower on the variegated plants, yet still good. The higher the rate of purely white  variegations the more the growth is reduced.

Aroma & Flavour:

The aroma is reminiscent of fermented wild berries, namely elderberry. Hints of fruit liquor or wine in the aftertaste.


The effects of GPP Neon are mild, uplifting and medical. It has a medium THC content and most likely features minor cannabinoids as other GPP lines. Anyone that has experience with high CBD, CBC or CBG strains will recognise the distinct feeling, these Cannabinoids deliver blending with the typical effects of THC. 

Ideal for consumers that are sensitive to extremely potent strains or seek a functional daytime driver. Relaxing the mind while staying present, suitable for social settings. 


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