Zen-X SWAG "Smooth-edged webbed Leaves" (Regular Mutant Cannabis Seeds)

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Leaf type:

Smooth-edged webbed leaves (SWAG)

Plant Size:

L - XL | Up to 180cm

Aroma & Flavour:

Fruit Liquor, Sweet, Oak Woody with Citrus hints


~16-21% / ~2%


Sedative, Couch-lock, Mental relaxation


8-9 Weeks | end-October

Estimated Yield:



Indoor | Outdoor | Greenhouse




Gargoyle SWAG x Tannin Trail SWAG


Zen-X SWAG, your ticket to tranquility and relaxation. Experience the therapeutic power of this strain's awesome aromas. Zen-X SWAG delivers a deeply sedative experience with a touch of sativa-like upliftment, striking the perfect balance to avoid feeling fully narcotic. Outdoors, it thrives with large plants and abundant top-shelf buds. With increased heat and drought resistance, it's perfect for beginners outdoors, while indoor growers will find success with a bit more experience. Embrace the Zen with Zen-X SWAG!

Aroma & Flavour:

Zen-X SWAG presents a unique and enticing aroma profile. In most plants, you'll find dominant fruity liquor notes, accompanied by appetizing umami oak barrel undertones and a touch of citrus lime. Additionally, another phenotype leans towards the Tannin Trail SWAG lineage, offering citrussy flowers with woody incense and hints of chem, adding to the strain's diverse and captivating bouquet.


Zen-X SWAG delivers the signature heavy sedation commonly found in SWAG lines. Prepare for a deeply relaxing experience where your body and mind melt away, leaving you in a dreamy state without specific thoughts. After 1 to 2 hours, the physical effects will ease, allowing for improved concentration. Ideal for midday naps, evening relaxation, and insomnia relief, Zen-X SWAG offers a therapeutic and calming cannabis experience.

Plant Morphology:

Zen-X SWAG, a slightly Indica-dominant strain, boasts stocky plants with short internodes and medium-dense, crystal-covered buds. Its sativa heritage is evident in the airy flower structure and minor foxtails. Harvesting at Week 8 results in medium-dense buds, but extending to Week 10 boosts yield and creates a more airy flower structure. The The typical SWAG, smooth-edged webbed (Ducksfoot) leaves enhance its stealthy appeal. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Zen-X SWAG's unique characteristics and relaxing effects.

Parental Lines:

Gargoyle SWAG, closely related to Violetta SWAG, with a slightly smaller size but huge yield and strong aroma. It showcases a dominant Indica-leaning structure, denser flowers, and a potent Indica High. Renowned for terpene expression, Gargoyle SWAG boasts earthy, savory, and sweet fruit liqueur aromas with hints of cinnamon and whiskey. With smooth-edged Duckfoot leaves, it reaches around 150cm, making it ideal for blending with garden plants.

Tannin Trail SWAG (LH 19 SWAG F3), a Mutant strain, impresses with early, high-quality buds, making it a preferred choice for growers aiming for a mid-end October harvest. Offering very strong aroma profiles it has been the perfect match for this cross

*Disclaimer:Collection item only .18+, sales to minors prohibited. This product is for souvenir and collection purposes only. TerpyZ Genetics does not accept any responsibility for any illegal use by third parties. By purchasing this product, you accept the responsibility to check and always follow your local laws.

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